8.2  The board ensures that the shareholders’ meetings are held as scheduled, and conducted properly, with transparency and efficiency, and ensure inclusive and equitable treatment of all shareholders and their ability to exercise their rights.



 Provide shareholders with the convenience of their rights and ensure that the action on the day of the meeting is transparent, as well as oversee the disclosure of shareholders ' meetings and meeting minutes.     The shareholders shall be fully qualified for the specified period of time.


 Shareholders who cannot attend the meeting themselves the right to vote for others to attend the meeting and vote instead. The company sent the proxy of the nominated Director to provide the proxy of the shareholders as deemed appropriate.


 To encourage the introduction of technology to the shareholders meeting, both the registration of the votes and the display, so that the meeting action can be done quickly. Precise


 The chairman is the chairman of the shareholders ' meeting. The meeting is responsible for the legal the relevant rules and regulations of the company allocate time for each agenda set out in the meeting appointment appropriately and give the shareholders the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions to the meeting in relation to the company.


 Not be added to the agenda without notifying the shareholders in advance.


 All directors and related executives should attend the meeting for shareholders to ask for any related issues.


 Before the meeting begins. The Chairman of the meeting shall inform the shareholders of the number and equity of the shareholders attending the meeting by themselves and the shareholders of the proxy. Voting and voting methods


 In case of any agenda item. The Chairman of the meeting shall provide a separate resolution for each transaction, such as shareholders, the right to appoint a director individually on the agenda of the appointment of directors.


Encourage the use of voting cards and encourage an independent person to counter or monitor the voting of the meeting and to disclose the voting results. And abstain from voting. Meeting on each agenda, as well as recorded in the meeting report.


Give the shareholders the opportunity to express their opinions or ask questions to the directors. Executives and chairman of the board of directors in shareholders ' meeting