Disclosure and transparency

       The Board of Directors shall be obliged to supervise the correct, complete and prompt disclosure of significant data relating to the Company by assigning:

    1. The Managing Director shall supervise and assume the joint responsibilities with the Finance and Accounting Manager; and the Company’s Secretary shall be obliged to communicate and give data to shareholders;
    2. The Company’s Secretary shall update the data regularly;

       Investors and general interested persons may retrieve data, in addition to the dissemination of data as per the prescribed criteria, through channels of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Form 56-1 and annual reports; and may access and/or download the Company’s annual reports through channel of the Company’s website at http://www.ut.co.th; provided that the data shall be disseminated both in Thai and English languages; or may contact Miss Prayoon Sripraram, the Finance and Accounting Manager, at Tel. No.02-3231085-87 Ext.1113.