CG Polocy

            The Company Board of Directors aware of benefits and importance of corporate governance and business ethics; able to demonstrate that the management of the Company being efficiency, fairness, transparency, and auditable; and promote the Company capable to create better benefits to shareholders and the other stakeholders: employees, customers, trading partners, competitors, and social community and environment.  And to apply the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies 2017 (CG Code) issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the way that suitable to the business context of the organization; the Board of Directors has reviewed and defined the corporate governance policy as follows:

  • Principle 1: Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board
  • Principle 2: Define Objectives that Promote Sustainable Value Creation
  • Principle 3: Strengthen Board Effectiveness
  • Principle 4: Ensure Effective CEO and People Management
  • Principle 5: Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business
  • Principle 6: Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Principle 7: Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity
  • Principle 8: Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders