Company’s Securities

The company has registered capital stocks for the amount of 600 million Baht, paid-up capital of 600 million Baht, divided into 45 million common shares of 10 Baht each and 15 million preferred shares of 10 Baht each.

The conditions of preferred share are as follows;

  1. The preferred shareholders get the right to receive dividends before the common shareholders.
  2. The preferred shareholders get the right to receive dividend payment at the rate 14% per annual of the
    preferred share value, being eligible for the fiscal year 1986.
  3. In the event that the Company is unable to pay all or less than the claimed rate of dividend to preferred
    shareholders, those unable to pay dividends will be accumulated up to seven years.
  4. In case the common shareholders receive dividend at the rate higher than 14%, the preferred shareholders
    are also entitled to receive dividends in excess of 14%, that is the same rate as the common shareholders
  5. In case the Company liquidates, the preferred shareholders get the right to receive the money they
    invested before making any payments to the common shareholders.
  6. Besides from the rights specified above, The common shareholders and the preferred shareholders have
    equal rights and duties in all respects.


Dividend Payment Policy

“ Depending on the performance of the Company, at a rate not less than 1/3 of the annual net profit, after accumulating loss

(if any), from the Separate Financial Statement of the Company. ”