Role of stakeholders

The Company has operated its businesses and transactions with its full awareness that rights of stakeholders, including rights as prescribed by laws or by mutual agreements and good relationship and cooperation among them were crucial factors that helped promote the sustainable growth of the Company and create the competitiveness for its long-term successes; therefore, the Board of Directors has determined the policies by taking account of roles of groups of stakeholders, as follows:

  1. Promote the process of strengthening good relationship and cooperation between the Company and its stakeholders;
  2. Adhere to concepts of transparent business operation of the Company and take account of roles of all groups
    of stakeholders, including policies of environmental, social and community protection;
  3. Provide all stakeholders with communication channels for inquiries, notification of information, complaints or
    questions in financial reports through channels, as follows:
  • In case of retrieval of the Company’s data, please access the Company’s website at http://; provided that the Company’s Secretary shall update the data regularly;
  • In case of doubts in financial reports, please contact the Finance and Accounting Manager and/or the Managing Director via Telephone No.02-3231085-87;
  • In case of notification of data or complaints, please notify the same to the Secretary to the Board of Directors for inspection via Telephone No.02-3231085-87 and reporting to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, the Managing Director or the assigned person for investigation/problem solving as may be suitable, in case, the complaints are well-grounded; provided that the Company had its measures to keep confidentiality of the received data and to protect the data providers;