CSR Policy 

The Board of Directors has considered and approved corporate social responsibility policy to guide operation for managers and employees, as follows:

Fair Operating Practices;

The Company shall have fair and equal treatment to all parties based on fair returns and shall avoid operations which may cause any conflict of interests and infringement of intellectual property rights; and shall act against all kinds of malfeasance;


The Company shall not demand, receive or offer any benefits other than those under the Trade Agreement; in case, it is found that any person has demanded, received or offered any benefits in bad faith, the Company shall cooperate with its business partners to audit the matters of facts and to solve the problems rapidly and successfully.

Human Rights;

The Company shall avoid any actions which may impair or violate the rights; and shall equally accept opinions and suggestions from all groups of stakeholders.

Labor Practices;

The Company shall have fair and equal treatment to all employees; shall provide welfare, safety and health in the workplace; and shall take care of and give importance to the development, knowledge transfer and abilities of employees; and shall give opportunities to all employees thoroughly and regularly; and shall provide remunerations which are suitable for knowledge, abilities, responsibilities and work performances.

Customers Issues;

The Company shall manufacture, deliver and provide quality products and services in accordance with the standards, requirements or beyond the expectations; and shall provide units, systems or processes of accepting the recommendation, opinions, or complaints relating to products or other services; whereby, the Company shall take such matters into consideration and shall improve and correct the same rapidly and within a reasonable time.


The Company shall comply with the related laws, rules and regulations; and shall not support all stakeholders to destroy natural resources and the environment;

Community Involvement and Development;

The Company shall support the organization of activities or shall participate activities in connection with the community development.

Innovation and Diffusion;

Improve its production processes and operations continuously in order to prevent from any potential undesirable impacts; and has used the natural resources with awareness of their value and has reduced any unnecessary losses.