Equitable treatment of shareholders

The Company has given importance to equal treatment to all shareholders, including minor shareholders and foreign shareholders; and has therefore determined the policy to prevent the violation of rights of minor shareholders and has prescribed the guidelines thereof, as follows: 

  • In each invitation for the shareholders’ meeting, the Company’s regulations relating to such meeting shall be attached both in Thai and English languages so that all shareholders shall be notified of definitions, criteria, methods and rights.  
  • The Company has enclosed a form of proxy together with invitation for the meeting to facilitate shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting in person; 
  • The Company has treated all shareholders equally relating to the shareholders’ meetings;
  • The Company has its policy to prevent the use of internal data and has issued the rules and regulations covering the matter, i.e., it is forbidden to exercise one’s powers and duties or to make use of power and duties of other person for one’s own benefi ts or to help other person in an illegal manner; and all personnel of the Company must perform their work with honesty. Moreover, the Company has determined the degrees of punishments, in case, the above-mentioned disciplines are violated; however,
  • The Company has prescribed that directors and the management shall be obliged to report the stakeholding and holding of stocks on a yearly basis and shall always report the trading of the Company’s shares; whereas, the Company’s secretary shall be obliged to keep the reports thereof;