8.1   The board ensures that shareholders have the opportunity to participate effectively in decision-making involving significant corporate matters.


8.1.1   Take care not to act as a violation of the rights of shareholders.
8.1.2  Facilitate the promotion of shareholders to attend shareholders ' meetings and vote.
  1. Define the criteria and how the subject is proposed as an agenda.
  2. The shareholders have the opportunity to study the criteria and procedures to propose to the AGM agenda, as well as the comments and questions to the Board of Directors relating to the company, published on the company's website http://www.ut.co.th at least 3 months prior to the end of the fiscal year.
 8.1.3  Ensure that the shareholders ' meeting has accurate, complete and sufficient information to exercise the rights of shareholders.
8.1.4 The appointment of the shareholder meeting with related documents and published on the company's website at least 28 days before the meeting date.
8.1.5  Provide the opportunity for shareholders to submit questions prior to the meeting date by defining the criteria for submitting questions in advance and publishing the guidelines on the company's website.
 8.1.6  The appointment of the meeting of shareholders and related documents are both Thai and English versions.