7.1  The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the financial reporting system and disclosure of important information accurately, in accordance with the Standard Rules and Practices.



Managing director and Accounting and Finance manager are responsible for making financial reports.


he disclosure of financial reporting information The Board of directors will consider

  1. Evaluation of the adequacy of the internal control system

  2. The opinion of the auditor in the financial reports and observations of the auditor about the internal control system, as well as the observation of the auditor through other channels of communication (if any).

  3. The opinion of the Audit committee

  4. Consistency with objective objectives Strategy and Company policies


7.1.3 Shareholders and general investigators can search for the information which includes the financial statements. Annual Report 56-1 the management's Discussion and analysis (Management discussion and analysis – MD&A), which is distributed through the channels of the stock exchange and on the company's website http://www.ut.co.th/