6.5  The Board of Directors shall ensure that the company has a mechanism to receive complaints and to carry out matters



Provide communication channels to stakeholders in the query Informational Complaints or doubts in the financial reports through the following channels:

  1. Disclosure of company information on the company's website http://www.ut.co.th

  2. Contact the accounting and Finance manager or the Managing Director by telephone number 02-3231085 – 87 about financial reports

  3. A complaint to the Secretary of the Audit Committee by telephone No. 02-3231085-87 to report to the Chairman of the Audit Committee The managing director or the person who has been assigned to conduct an investigation/solution, either the partner, or the public, the general counsel, the conduct of the company 02-3231085, the official, and the 02-3231085– 86 Ext. 1234


 The company has a measure of the confidentiality and protection of data providers.