6.3  The Board of Directors oversees and manages conflicts of interest that may arise between the company and the management. Board of Directors Shareholders, as well as the prevention of property Information and opportunities of the company and transactions with those who have a relationship with the company in an offensive manner.



 To define policies and guidelines for the consideration of related transactions or connected transactions, or transactions that may have conflicts of interest must be reasonable and to the maximum benefit of the company and overall shareholders. Considered as an act with a third party. Transparency by stakeholders is not engaged in decision-making and must comply strictly with relevant rules and information disclosure to investors.


 Manage and track transactions that may contain conflicts of interest, as well as provide guidance and procedures to make such transactions follow the process of processing and disclosure of information. As required by law and for the benefit of the company and overall shareholders. The stakeholders should not participate in the decision.


 The Board of Directors has excluded from participation in the meeting, considering the agenda involved and recorded in the Minutes of the Board of Directors.