5.2   The Board of Directors is monitored to ensure that the management of the business is responsible for society and the environment and is reflected in the operational plan to ensure that all parties are conducted in accordance with the objectives. Business objectives and strategic plan (strategies)


 5.2.1  Define a practice policy that takes into account the role of stakeholders. As follows:
  • Promote the process of strengthening relationships and good cooperation between the company and the stakeholders.
  • Support to make corporate social responsibility as part of the annual report.
  • The concept of the company's business operations is transparent and the role of various stakeholders.
 5.2.2  To provide a comprehensive social responsibility policy 1) business operation in principle 2) anti-corruption 3) respect for human rights 4) to treat Labor fairly. 5) Consumer Responsibility 6) environmental Care 7) participation in community and society and 8) innovation and dissemination of innovation, which is obtained through social responsibility. Environment & Stakeholders