3.8  The Board of directors can access necessary and relevant information to ensure the operation is completed by having the company Secretary with the necessary knowledge and experience. Support of the Board of Directors.



 To organize the board of directors ' meetings every month with the annual meeting schedule in advance. In the event of an extraordinary agenda, additional meetings will be provided as appropriate.


 In each meeting. The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director will consider together to select an important subject on the agenda. In addition, each director is free to propose an issue to the agenda.


 The company secretary will send the invitation letter to the Board of Directors ' meeting. At least 7 days prior to the meeting.


 During a meeting, The Chairman of the meeting supports the consideration of the issues transparently and allocates sufficient time to provide various details, and encourages the Managing Director to invite the management of the meeting to provide information. Further details are directly related to the issue, so the board of Directors shall consider and provide thorough feedback and provide a comprehensive report of all issues in writing. Important content and comments are stored in order for the audit.


 The company is considered to be a policy for non-executive directors in the meeting as necessary without management. To discuss issues relating to the management of interest and inform the Managing Director of the meeting result.


 The Board of Directors has access to additional information required by the Managing Director. The company secretary or other executives who are assigned within the policy edge and if necessary. The Board may provide an independent opinion from an external consultant or professional as a company's expense.


 The Board of Directors shall appoint a qualified company secretary to perform the duties set out in the Securities and Exchange Act (No. 4) BE 2551 section 89/15 – 89/17 and section 89/23, as well as provide advice on the legal and regulatory requirements The Board of Directors shall be aware of the management of Important documents and activities of the Board of Directors Compliance with the Board's resolutions. In addition, The Board of directors will disclose the qualifications and experiences of the company secretary in the annual report and on the company's website.


 The company secretary is trained and develops knowledge that will benefit the continuous duty.