1.3               The Board is obliged to ensure that all directors and Executives act with responsibility, be cautious and faithful to the Organization, and ensure compliance with the law. Regulations and resolutions of shareholders ' meeting



 Duties with responsibility, caution, and honesty to the legal rules and regulations, such as the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535, version 89/7, section 89/8 section 89/9 section 89/10.
 1.3.2  Ensure that the company has a sufficient system or mechanism to ensure that the company's operation is legal. Regulatory the resolutions of the shareholders ' meeting, as well as policies or guidelines, are approved by the process of approving significant operations (such as investing in transactions with a significant impact on the business). Transactions with connected persons the company's purchase/distribution of property, dividend payment, etc.) Is as required by law.