Anti-Corruption Measures

UT Anti-Coruption Policy

The Company operates its business with transparency; adhere to the right not to receive or pay any benefit other than a benefit under the trade agreement. If found out whether there might be a bribery or dishonesty actions, the Company and trading partner will jointly investigate and solve the problem as soon as possible.

The Company has declared its Anti-Corruption Policy and has disclosed the Company Good Corporate Governance Guide and business ethics on the company's website to communicate with employees. It is also being a topic for new employees orientation.

The company has arranged an operational risk assessment. Regarding risk factors which may lead to corruption or criminal activities, the company has established measures to suppress such activities as follows;


  • Practice In accordance with the purchasing procedure'

(2)Cash or patty cash

  • Set a budget and appoint a responsible person
  • Conduct counting of cash and petty cash without giving advance notice to the responsible person.

(3)Inventory Control

  • Keep records of receipts and dispensations of goods from inventory and maintain a database in the computer system.
  • Summarize stock movements every end of the month
  • Conduct physical counting of goods in the warehouse every 6 month

(4)Sales of surplus materials

  • Arrange an auction every 6 months.
  • Check the weight of the goods together with the security officer.

(5) Receiving / giving gifts or other benefits

  • Avoid accepting gifts, lunches, dinners or other benefits.
  • If a gift is received for services provided by the company the gift must be handed to the company for maximum usefulness to the organization.

(6)Buying and selling Company's securities for the company

  • Internal information is not to be used for personal gain, or supplied to outside parties.

For this purpose the company has set an emergency line, tel 02 323 1085 ext 1234, for reporting any observed wrongdoing or suspicious activities.

In the past year there has been no report of such activities.