Fair Operating Practices

The Company strives to treat its stakeholders with equality. And is based on receiving returns. Avoiding practices that may result in conflicts of interest and the violation of intellectual property rights. Also, promote corporate social responsibility management in the business chain, by developing Code of Business Conduct for employees to use. as guidelines for the appropriateness of behavior or action in the following issues.

(1)Fair competition

  • Treated equally and fairly and on the basis of the received compensation that is fair to both parties.
  • Operating in accordance with international standards. Under the framework of the law on the principles of good competition.

(2)Promoting social responsibility in the value chain.

  • Cooperate, clarify the compliance with the law on safety, occupational health, and working environment of a contractor who works inside the company.

(3)Respect for property rights

  • Keep customers' confidential; undisclosed or unused for the benefit of the Company, or other parties.

(4)Responsible political involvement.

  • Permits employees to exercise their right to vote freely.

In the past year, no complaints or penalties for violations of laws and regulations.