The Company was established on 21 March 1977, to operate its integrated business in the textile industry,
including yarn spinning, fabric weaving, dyeing and finishing; and on 30 March 1994, the Company was registered as a
limited public company according to the Thai law.

On 16 August 2008, the Company ceased its dyeing and finishing operation and invested its buildings, machinery
and equipment in Ten Cate-Union Protective Fabrics Asia Ltd. (TCUA). But the operation results were uncertainty that the
TCUA was unable to continue as a going concern, since the Rate on Equity had been less than 5% for any 4 consecutive
years, commencing from 1 January 2009. And the TCUA had accumulated losses in excess of 50% of its registered capital,
which was conditioned as per the joint venture agreement. Subsequently, on 11 March 2013, TCUA held an Extraordinary
General Shareholders Meeting and this meeting resolved to dissolve TCUA’s business operations. TCUA filed for dereg-
istration with the Ministry of Commerce on 22 March 2013.

At present, the Company has been operating its main business of manufacturing and distribution of griege fabrics
at No.205 Moo 4, Sukhumvit Road (km.39.5), Bangpu Mai, Muang Samut Prakarn District, Samut Prakarn Province 10280.