Board of Directors

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is to consider candidate, having the qualifications’ according to the Public Limited Company Act, B.E. 2535 and must have qualifications and prohibitions as follows.

  1. Having the qualifications according to the Public Limited Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act
    and the Good Corporate Governance of the Company.
  2. Being of knowledgeable, capable, independent, dedicated with suitable age and ability to perform
    director’s duties with care and loyally. Reputable business persons of integrity and superb professional
    references may also qualify as nominees
  3. Having the skill of industry knowledge, accounting& finance, business judgment, management skill,
    business strategy, corporate governance and legal.

At present, there are 9 members of the Board of Directors comprising;

  • 4  Non-executive directors
  • 2  Executive directors
  • 3  Independent directors

Term in office of directors; 3 years.

daladMr. Preecha Shunhavanich

Since 20 May 2020
Shareholding:   0    share
oranuj2  Mr. Polchet Likittanasombat
  Chairman of Audit Committee
  / Independent Director
  Since 1 MAY 2021
  Shareholding:   0    share
preechaMr. Preecha Wattanasaranon
Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committer
Years of Independent Directorship:  1 year 7 months
Shareholding :  0 share
Audit Committee / Independent Director /  Nominating and Remuneration Committee
Years of Independent Directorship:  0 years
Shareholding: 0 share
pimpornMrs. Srinual Sombatpraiwan
Managing Director
Years of Directorship: 3  years
Shareholding:  0  share
chutinatorn.Mr. Chutindhon Darakananda
Years of Directorship:  3 years 11 months
Shareholding: 380,500 shares or 0.634%
juntreeMrs. Chantorntree Darakananda
Director/ Nominating and Remuneration Committee
Years of Directorship:    2 year.
Shareholding: 215,200 shares or 0.359% (included connected persons)
Saranya2Mrs. Saranya  Darakananda
Years of Directorship: 1 years
Saranya2Mr.Supakit Puangbua
Years of Directorship: 0 years